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Barthol Chapel Community Project

Did you know the church is closing and the last service is on 11th June 2023.


The church has been at the heart of the village for almost 150 years and what happens next is up to us.


We have an opportunity to present a business case to the General Trustees for us to purchase the building and convert it into a community hub. However, before we do this, we need a mandate from the community to move forward. We have lots of ideas and there has been a lot of work carried out previously in 2018 which we would like to share with you at an open meeting in the church on Monday 20th March at 7:30 pm (light refreshments included).


Please make every effort to attend and find out more, share your views and ideas and help us to understand the level of support in the community for this proposal.


Remember, if we do nothing, the building will be sold for residential or business use so we have a limited window of opportunity if this is something we believe in for today and the future.


If you can’t join us on the 20th but want to share your views or offer your services (we have lots to do) please send an email to

Sketch proposals...


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