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The BIG Project - Barthol Chapel Church


Soon to be a memory because…WE’VE RAISED THE ROOF!!

All at Barthol Chapel church are delighted to announce that in less than a year through various means – church funds, grants from trusts including the Ferguson Bequest Fund, the Baird Trust and the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland, a congregational giving day in April, a Quiz Night and other collections - we have raised the £78,500 necessary to make the church wind, watertight and a little warmer.

Work on the first phase has started!  8 – 10 weeks to re-slate the main roof, porch and vestry, to repoint the East Wall, to renew all the rainwater goods and put some much needed insulation in the roof space.


PARKING RESTRICTIONS: During the working week, the church car park will be fully occupied by the contractors. There may occasionally be work on Saturdays – but never on ‘Café Saturdays', the 2nd Saturday of the month  - and there will be no work done on Sundays.

Parking space is available at weekends only and is very limited, so when visiting the church, please park beside the school or on the road.

Please be considerate of the neighbours and other road users.


These restrictions only apply whilst the work is underway and by the time winter comes, the church building will be warm, weather-proof and fit for the future.


What that future will be is not yet clear, but making the building sound is an essential first step towards the BIG Project to realise its potential for wider community and church use.  We have strong support from the General Trustees and others, and excellent plans to adapt the interior to create a flexible, multi-use, fully-accessible space for the community, the school and the congregation to use [see below]. We must now check again that there is a real need and desire for this space in the community, that the project is sustainable and that we have the man and woman power to carry it through.


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