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Barthol Chapel Guild



"The Church of Scotland Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland which invites and encourages both women and men to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and enables them to express their faith in worship, prayer and action."


The Motto of the Guild, taken from Acts 27, verse 23 is:


The Guild movement has been around for over 125 years. It was originally a way for women to help in the work of the church and is now an organisation of committed Christian women and men with global reach.

It has made an impact around the world through it's Project Partnership Scheme ensuring that it's members are praying for, learning about and raising money for those in need.

As well as the national project work, Guilds also support and take part in local Church and community initiatives.



Barthol Chapel Church first establiished a Guild in 1921 and it has continued to serve our Church through many generations.


We share fellowship within our own church and community and also with our nieghbouring Guilds when we may come together for meetings, services and fundraising events.


Our Guild holds several meetings throughout the year when we meet informally to praise, pray and socialise. At our meetings a speaker is invited to join us to share their experiences on their chosen charity or interest.


We also continue to support the National Project Work of the Guild as well as fundraising events in Barthol Chapel Church, our community and our local church Guilds.


We warmly welcome members, friends and visitors along to our small gatherings, usually meeting on the first Wednesday evening of each of the months throughout our session.


For further information, please contact:


Helen Mennie

01651 806366

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