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Tarves Community Council

TARVES COMMUNITY COUNCIL meets once a month, normally on the third Tuesday and usually in the School. Notices of meetings are posted on the village noticeboards as are the approved minutes.

The Community Council area includes Barthol Chapel, Auchedly, Ythsie and Craigdam.
All Community Council meetings are open to the public and anyone interested is welcome to attend. People who have issues they wish to raise with the Council are asked to notify details in advance, and have the opportunity to present their case to the Council.

Community Council Postbox,
Tarves Post Office,
The Square ,

REMEMBER! The Community Council works to represent the residents of the Tarves Community Area. It is the most local tier of elected representation and its job is to act as your voice and make your views and concerns known to the Government, Scottish Executive, Aberdeenshire Council and other public bodies. It is also a statutory consultee on local planning matters.

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