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Barthol Chapel Primary School

The present school was opened on 23rd May 1968 as a semi-open plan community school. The head teacher at that time was Mr. Douglas Balch, followed by Mrs Ruth Benson from about 1970 to 1975. Mackie Bruce followed and was headmaster for over twenty years. Currently it is a two-teacher unit and, although the roll has seen marked fluctuation over the years, it is now relatively stable at around 35 pupils.

The building is well appointed and has a splendid stage, complete with stage lighting.

It is the third school to be built in Barthol Chapel; the previous one was erected on a site directly opposite the present building, where now there are three houses. The original school, vacated in 1929, was situated near the old cemetery and is now a dwelling house.

The school’s catchment area is extensive, and as a result most children use school transport.

At the end of P7 our pupils normally transfer to Meldrum Academy.

The school prides itself in working closely with its parents and the local community for the benefit of everyone.  One of the main advantages of a small school is the ability to form close relationships with everyone and create a strong supportive, family environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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