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In 1875 the Gordon Memorial Church was erected by the Dowager Countess of Aberdeen in memory of her eldest son, George, who was lost at sea in 1870. The site was chosen so that the church could be clearly seen from Haddo House, seat of the Earl of Aberdeen, some three miles away. The first minister was Rev. Mr Forrest, who was translated to Lonmay in 1878; he was followed by Rev. A. R. Sutter. The district of Barthol Chapel became a quoad sacra parish in 1876 i.e. formed from parts of other parishes.
According to the Thanage of Fermartyn, the quoad sacra parish may be said to represent the chapel (or kell) of Futchul, the name of a district whose chapel is mentioned, with the parish church, in charters of 1220-29. It is thought that the name, Barthol Chapel, is derived from the St. Bartholomew link. Barthol Chapel became a linked charge with Tarves in 1958.

Sited on the west wall of the parish church is a simple granite memorial, which commemorates the men lost during WWI.

At the top centre are the entwined letters B & C.

The memorial was unveiled 23rd November 1919. It is inscribed>

"Erected to the loving memory of the men of this parish who gave their lives for their country in the Great War" and "Faithful unto death"

The clock was installed in the church in 1932 by W F Evans & Sons.


There is an old graveyard, of which a survey and interesting information can be found here>

The newer graveyard survey was carried out in May 2022 and details can be found here>

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