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The Old Graveyard

A survey of all the gravestones was carried out by a group of Barthol Chapel people in the winter of 2007-2008.
The graveyard is in the middle of the village and is still used.  (Plot 72 updated April 2022).

There is a newer graveyard by the church. Details of the newer graveyard can be found here.

The following article was sent to us early 2018 and may be of interest. It makes great reading...

"My Mum, Nellie Mutch, was born Helen Wood Rennie at North Flobbets in 1910. My Dad, Archiebald William Mutch was born at Old Rayne in 1913. They married in 1936 at Barthol Chapel Church and later moved from Flobbets during the war to Kemnay. 

Due to work as well as other reasons they moved several Ballymeny Northern Ireland, then to Newcastle Upon Tyne, where they lived in 3 different properties. Again a final move to Desborough Northants, to be close to Mums sisters (Gladys Rennie / Richardson & Mabel Rennie / Flawn) both of whom were born at North Flobbets.

Both have passed away and were cremated at Kettering Crematorium where as a family we thought their cremation plaques would remain for eternity, or as long as we three offsprings would live.


Unfortunately due to cash grabbing authorities we were in for a shock and fortunately found out by pure chance their plaques had been removed from what we had presumed was their final resting place in the Crematorium. 

Their lease was up and although letters had been sent out to my sister she had moved premises several times and so never received these letters. Also, and, due to failing health she had completely forgotten about any 'commitment' to renew the leases.

If I had not called past the Crematorium that day, the plaques would possibly have been destroyed.

Information on renewing the plaques or getting new plaques fitted elsewhere within the Crematorium suggested to us these Authorities are now cash cows, preying upon the families of loved ones passed. Three new granite flower tub plaque displays each holds 90 plaques at a minimum of £210 each plaque...i.e. £18,900 for each tub display, with renewal leases every three years.


Thankfully for our family we found the perfect answer.............they are now proudly displayed on our family grave headstone base at Barthol Chapel graveyard with the most kind and excellent help, advice and agreement with all concerned. 

So indeed I feel they have come home!..........the inscription at the bottom of the headstone below my Grandfather Wiliam Rennie, my Grandmother Hellen Durward Wood Rennie and my Aunt Ella who died in infancy reads " Until We Meet Again".

In the same grave though without any inscription lays my Great Grandfather Charles Rennie also born at Flobbets and his second wife Margaret Donald.

So it is a true Family Re-Union!!!

Kind Regards

Derek Mutch

Old Sawley

Missing graves...

Would anyone know if there may be an area within the Barthol Chapel Graveyard that has headstones without an inscription, or any areas where there has been a burial but no headstone?

My family ancestry research seems to point to the fact that two of my ancestors should be buried in the graveyard, but sadly are not listed in the list attached, nor can I find them on other lists or websites such as Deceased Online / Find A Grave / Billion Graves etc or ANESFHS, nor British Newspaper Archives.

I need some-one to be able to confirm whether they know of unmarked graves in the Graveyard, or if anyone has knowledge of burials in the Graveyard without having a headstone?


My Great Grandfather, Charles Rainne/Rennie, first wife Mary Ann Sim and their only child John Rennie both died at the Rennie Croft, North Flobbets, Barthol Chapel.

John Rennie died 22 May 1882, aged 4 yrs 7 mths

Mary Ann Sim died 14 June 1883, aged 28yrs ....both well before Charles Rennie died or any of the other family.

I have never been able to find out where they are buried and it seems to me it must have been at Barthol Chapel Graveyard.


Any assistance would be extremely grateful and wonderful to find out.

Kind regards

Derek Mutch

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