Barthol Chapel Community Association (BCCA)

The BCCA was formed in the 1980s as a voice for the community in matters of concern to all and as an organiser of events for the community.  It has its own constitution. 

Meetings are held about four times a year and are open to everyone living in the area or with an interest in Barthol Chapel, including young people.  A small committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting (held in early September).  (See contacts page).

The BCCA is involved in a number of activities, such as:

• sharing Information on news and events for the community.
• promoting clubs & fund-raising events for all e.g. burns’ suppers, concerts, sports’ days etc...
• enhancing community stewardship & sustainability.
• improving the village & surrounds e.g. planting daffodils, planting trees, flower tubs in the summer, & trimming hedgerows for safer driving.

The BCCA also acts as a forum for discussion of matters of general interest e.g. planning, schooling and other community associations.