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The BIG Project - Open meeting

Wednesday 4th September 2019 @ 7pm

Venue: Barthol Chapel Church

What that future will be for this space is not yet clear, but making the building sound is an essential first step towards the Big Project to realise its potential for wider community and church use. We have strong support from the General Trustees and others and excellent plans to adapt the interior to create a flexible, multi-use, fully-accessible space for the community, the school and the congregation to use. We must now check again that there is a real need and desire for this space in the community, that the project is sustainable and that we have the man and woman power to carry it through.

So come to the OPEN MEETING on WEDNESDAY 4th SEPTEMBER, at 7 pm in the church to find out more, ask questions, raise any concerns and make yourself heard.

And/or send any comments now to

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