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The BIG North East Quiz Night

In October last year, Barthol Chapel resident, Kieran Booth, was selected by the charity, First Aid Africa, to join their international expedition team for 2016. This means that from June 1st, Kieran will be travelling to Kenya to teach life-saving First Aid to schools and communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. First Aid Africa works to provide and encourage access to sustainable first aid equipment and education, delivering emergency healthcare solutions to benefit the public. Ahead of his expedition, Kieran is required to raise funds for the charity to cover the costs of the various resources and materials required throughout the trip: Come along to ‘The BIG North East Quiz Night’ on Saturday 23rd April at the Melvin Hall, Tarves from 7pm for a night of BIG questions – suitable for all ages! Including refreshments and ‘The BIG North East Raffle’ draw. For more information or to order your tickets, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kieran, at

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